Top 7 Most In-Demand Skills to Land Your Dream Remote Software Job In 2022

Is it possible to work from home forever? Businesses have become more flexible after witnessing the pandemic. After seeing the pandemic, the companies have just made up their mind about remote hiring. And it is a good signal for aspiring remote software developers. There’s a demand for every type of remote software job, but some jobs are most sought and require the most in-demand skills. In this article, we have jotted down the list of Top 7 Most In-Demand skills to land your Dream Software Job in 2022.

What is a Remote Software Job?

While in a traditional job, you have to rush to the office every morning and sit there for like 8 hours, remote software jobs are your chance to live life on your own terms and get paid for it. They offer freedom, opportunities, and flexibility and can be done from anywhere. In a remote job your home is your office – and there is no need to travel under the hot sun. It is just you and your work and, in most cases, with flexible working hours. Moreover, it also opens the way to earn more money as you can literally work for any company worldwide.

Why Is It Trending?

It was slow and steady before. But now it’s just like a tsunami. The demand for remote software developers has just shot up instantly after the lockdown. Pandemic made this shift 5X faster. What would’ve happened in 10 years has happened in just

The primary reason businesses across the globe prefer remote work is due to lower expenses, more flexibility, and the comfort of working from anywhere. When hiring a remote software developer, businesses are getting the talent at lower costs, saving
the office bills, and can save on the tech investments as the developer has their own setup at their place.

Apart from that, the companies can acquire some of the best pool of talents at lower costs. According to a recent survey, 73% of technology professionals revealed that they think of remote work as an essential perk. While you can definitely find someone locally who can come to your office, you can’t find the best one easily. But when you’re open to hiring from the world, the possibilities are infinite.

Therefore, hiring remote software developers is trending right now! Continue reading the article to know what are the most in-demand skills while hiring these developers.

What Skills are Most In-Demand in the Remote Software Development Industry?

Are you a software developer? Want to get the best remote job opportunity? Then, here are the top 7 most in-demand skills to land your dream software job in 2022.

1) Artificial Intelligence

Since the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining a lot of popularity in the tech industry. Artificial intelligence applications are immense in our day-to-day lives, from robots greeting guests at hotels
to features-laden self-driving cars.

The word “Artificial Intelligence” was first coined by John McCarthy – an American Computer Scientist, in 1956. In 1997, AI came to the limelight when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov – the then world champion. Since then, AI has been completely taking over our lives. From home appliances to OTT platforms, AI is being used just everywhere.

When it comes to uses, AI has many, and it’s still just the tip of an iceberg. Some of the widely seen applications are Personalized Ecommerce, Autonomous Vehicles, Navigation, Robotics, Human resources, Healthcare, Agriculture, Automobiles, and Social Media.

Therefore, if you’re seeking for a remote software developer job, building AI skills can end up being one of the best decisions of your life.

2) Cybersecurity

As companies are shifting their important data online, the security of such data has become crucial, and therefore, cybersecurity comes into action. It helps companies protect sensitive data from theft and damage. Without a good cybersecurity team, companies can’t protect themselves from data breaches by cybercriminals and hackers.

As everything is on the internet, we are more prone to privacy breaches than ever; cybersecurity will be playing a crucial role in the coming era. We hear about data leaks publicly made available on the internet by hackers almost daily. All of this happens due to poor cloud service security. Government and companies are finally paying more attention to cybercrimes.

This is the right time when the best programmers should dive into cybersecurity roles and make their mark in the industry. As code is the first target for cybercriminals, code needs to be secured and encrypted well; therefore, demand for remote security software developers has gone up in the last 2-to 3 years. Security software developers create safe, hack-proof, and efficient software programs and applications. Most of the time, these developers are involved in the full life cycle of software development.

To become a security software developer, one needs to have a command of Python, Java, and C++. Apart from that, one needs to have a profound understanding of relational database languages such as SQL.


3) Cloud Computing

Traditionally, data was stored over local drives. Still, with the advent of technology, companies started storing their data at a remote locations on rather powerful servers, and that’s how the term cloud storage was born. Today, this whole process is known as Cloud Computing. Now, it has become easier to get backups in the cloud, easily access the information, reduce the cost of hardware & software, and, most importantly, keep the data secure.

A cloud engineer is a professional who is responsible for duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning,
management, maintenance, and support. Cloud engineers can be often called cloud architects or cloud software engineers.

Cloud computing is the current buzzword in the IT industry. As the demand for cloud computing is just going up with the domination of Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and many other players in the market, the requirement for cloud engineers has just shot up; therefore, learning cloud architecture and its architecture can be a good add-on to your skills.

4) Data Analytics

“Data is the new oil.” Data Analytics is the process of gathering and processing data for a specific use. By tuning the analysis skills, computer engineering, and big data skills – one can become a data analytics engineer or simply a data engineer.

The skills required to become one include Python, SQL, Java or Scala, understanding of cloud computing platforms, and Big Data processing technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka. Apart from that, one should be fundamentally strong around algorithms and data structures.

From Social Media to Marketing, understanding and sorting the data has become very crucial for companies. Therefore the demand for skilled data engineers is growing. By 2030, the industry is supposed to grow to $684.12 billion with a CAGR of 13.5%.

Leveraging this skill, you can easily land a good remote software job in 2022.

5) Machine Learning

We humans learn to live better. In the same way, a machine can learn too. Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that allows software applications to perform efficiently. The machine learning algorithms use the historical data fed to them to come out with new output values.

Machine Learning is widely used to understand the trends in customer behavior and business patterns. It plays a crucial role in the operations of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and more.

As the industry grows and AI grasps its spot, the demand for Machine Learning Developers will only increase in the coming years. Right now, the industry is majorly confined to big giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and others. This means that the payment for such developers is also high.

For all these reasons, adding Machine Learning skills can be a great option in your career.

6) Blockchain

Blockchain has revolutionized the financial systems around the world. Initially, Bitcoin was created as a decentralized currency. Later technologies like smart contracts and privacy protection have made the world go crazy around it.

There are mainly two types of Blockchain Developers; Core Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Software Developer. While the former develops the foundation of the blockchain code, the latter develops the security and overall architecture.

In the future, the Blockchain industry is even expected to grow manifolds as hardly one percent of the population uses it for now. With growing awareness and demand, the industry will blow up like anything.

As the industry is small and new, the scope for new remote software developers is huge. This also means that this skill can easily get you 2x, 3x from any other software job while sitting at your place.

It is the right time to step in as a Blockchain developer and land your dream software dream job.

7) Mobile App Development

More than 250 million people download apps in a single day. With the rise in the usage of smartphones, mobile apps have become a necessity. From social media to calendars, we have at least one cool app for everything.

Did you know the first mobile app ever created was an arcade game called “Snake”? It was curated by Nokia In 1997 in the Nokia 6110 mobile phone. Since then, the continuation of apps has never stopped. Now with the modern chipsets and more advanced technologies, the capabilities of apps are on rising like never before. You can now even simulate Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). And this is just a start to a revolutionary Metaverse incoming.

Mobile app development majorly consists of two types of operating systems: Android by Google and iOS by Apple. Though both of them have a lot of similarities, they still have different software development kits (SDKs). Today, you can use platforms like Flutter to build multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

The mobile development process can be divided into two parts: frontend development and backend development. Though frontend developers are different from backend developers, these days, demand for Full Stack Mobile Developers has gone up significantly. Being a Fullstack Mobile Developer can give you an unfair advantage over others and help you easily land your
dream remote software job.

Summing Up

As the software industry is booming, the demand for software developers has gone up tremendously, and with the new breakthroughs, the new skills have replaced the old ones. In this article has thoroughly covered the Top 7 Most In-Demand Skills to Land Your Dream Remote Software Job in 2022.

If you’re looking for a job that lets you work from home and get you handsome pay, learning any of these skills is a must. This will add charm to your resume and make you future-ready.

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