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We are on a mission to unlocking the boundless potential of humans worldwide.


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What is Ellow?

Ellow is a global talent marketplace platform that connects businesses with top 3% of developers. We use an AI + Human based system for hiring and managing talent, ensuring quality through a rigorous vetting process. With a diverse talent pool, Ellow serves various industries, helping companies to scale and stay competitive.

What does Ellow do?

At Ellow, our aim is to streamline and optimize the process of remote hiring. With us, you can confidently hire pre-vetted remote software talent within just 48 hours, saving you valuable time and resources.

How does Ellow work?

At Ellow, we seamlessly manage a global network of over 25,000+ software developers via our Intelligent Talent Cloud. Our thorough, four-stage vetting process — covers 80 data points and evaluates candidates on their communication, technical,  and coding skills, along with personal interviews.

This efficient approach allows organizations to quickly expand their engineering teams within days. Choose Ellow, conserve resources, and hire top-notch remote talent with ease.

Ellow is trusted by companies across industries

At ellow.io, we use AI + Humans to provide a complete service for hiring, managing, and monitoring remote developers. We’re globally active, with US and India offices, and offer a wide array of skilled developers. Our expertise includes React.js, Node.js, Angular, Java, Python, .Net, iOS, Android, and more.

In the last two years, we’ve worked with various clients from industries like blockchain, FinTech, EdTech, banking, and logistics. Big companies and growing startups trust us to build their remote engineering teams.

Choose us to speed up your business, scale globally, and win in a competitive, innovative market.







Our Leaders

Helping businesses and talent reach their full potential

Jyothis Joseph

Co-founder and CEO

Jyothis is responsible for hiring, demand fulfilment and community management for ellow’s talent community. Jyothis built the initial team for ellow and scaled the platform quickly, proving the benefits the new business model can bring to talent and enterprises.

Jyothis Joseph has over 17 years of experience in IT industry-leading Global teams comprising of Operations, Technology, and Sales. He has founded two companies in the past, Ideamine, a Managed Cloud company and Empressem, a Mobile Apps company. Both Ideamine and Empressem were successfully acquired by Chicago based Netrix LLC in Oct 2017.
He founded ellow, a Talent Cloud for Tech in 2020 along with his Co-Founders.

He holds an Engineering Degree from Cochin University of Science and Technology and an MDP from IIM Calcutta. He is part of professional organizations like NASSCOM, TIE , VBA, and Rotary International.

Investors and Advisers

Sirish Kosaraju-ellow

Sirish Kosaraju

rajesh Padinjaremadam-ellow

Rajesh Padinjaremadam

rinish Nalini-ellow

Rinish KN