8 Best Flexiple Alternatives for Hiring Remote Developers in 2024

Best Flexiple Alternatives for Hiring Remote Developers

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, flexibility and agility are key factors that keep businesses thriving. Organisations have been constantly on the lookout for the best developers globally to meet their project needs.

While Flexiple is widely recognized as a platform for hiring software developers, there are several other options that might better suit your needs. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the 8 Felexiple alternatives for hiring remote developers in 2024.

But before we get into the alternatives, let us look at some of the benefits of using a remote developer hiring platform for organizations.

  1. Access to a Global Talent Pool: Forget geographical constraints. With remote developer hiring platforms, you get a passport to a vast talent reservoir. You can bring on board the best fit for your startup’s needs, no matter where they’re located.

  2. Faster and Simplified Hiring Process: Time is of the essence in the startup world. These platforms have optimized the hiring process. They handle everything from scouting the right talent to setting up interviews, which allows you to focus on building and scaling your venture.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Maintaining a full-time in-house developer can be costly, especially if there are periods where their skills aren’t fully utilized. Remote platforms provide options to hire developers on a contractual or freelance basis. This means you only engage and pay them for the duration they’re needed, eliminating extra expenses on salaries and benefits.

  4. Flexibility: Especially for startups, unpredictable workloads and tight budgets are a given. Whether you’re in a growth spurt phase or just kickstarting, remote developer platforms cater to your dynamic needs, making hiring adaptable to your specific requirements.

  5. Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace a workforce that reflects the world. Remote hiring enables you to onboard individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and regions. This diverse melting pot can lead to increased innovation, fresh perspectives, and a harmonious workplace.

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Top Flexiple Alternatives In 2024

Here are the top 8 Flexiple alternatives that can be used in 2024 to hire remote developers:

  1. ellow
  2. Toptal
  3. Supersourcing
  4. Turing
  5. Revelo
  6. CloudDevs
  7. UpWork
  8. Fiverr
Ellow website

ellow.io is a Flexiple alternative that connects the top 3% of software developers with organisations globally. The 25,000+ vast network of solution engineers, software developers, and software architects is pre-vetted through AI and human-based vetting or screening processes.

This ensures that businesses only get access to the best talent to achieve their project milestones. ellow ensures that organizations can start building their teams in less than 48 hours.

ellow has worked with some of the Fortune 500 companies and startups spread across various industries, such as logistics, EdTech, banking, FinTech, etc. 

Features of ellow:

  • Human + AI Vetting Process: Over 80 data points are meticulously assessed to evaluate the skills of software developers, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates progress.


  • Skillful Developers: ellow boasts a vast talent pool of over 25,000 developers, each specializing in a wide spectrum of digital skills who expertise in React.js, Node.js, Angular, Java, Python, .Net, iOS, Android, or any other technology stack.


  • All-in-One Solution: ellow offers a comprehensive solution that extends far beyond developer sourcing. It encompasses the entire journey of software development talent, from initial vetting and selection to ongoing management, efficient timesheet management, and invoice tracking.


  • Pricing Model: ellow understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to pricing. They offer flexible pricing models that adapt to the specific requirements of each project.


  • Global Reach: ellow’s This global outlook enables organisations to set up teams with 24/7 availability, fostering continuous progress and productivity.

Sign up with ellow, and access 25,000+ pre-vetted profiles and start building your application development team in 48 hours.

Toptal website

Toptal is a global and established Flexiple alternative that helps businesses connect with a wide range of professionals, from software developers to someone in design and finance. They have rigorous screening and multi-stage vetting of code reviews, portfolio reviews, real-time testing, and an English language skill test that helps them have only the top 3% in their talent pool.

Features of Toptal:

  • Experienced Developers: Toptal boasts a diverse and extensive network of highly skilled developers and engineers from around the world. These professionals bring with them a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise.

  • Free Trial: Toptal offers an enticing proposition with a risk-free and zero-cost trial period for freelancers transitioning into full-time roles. This unique feature allows organizations to evaluate performance and compatibility.

  • Effective Vetting: Toptal employs a rigorous and multi-faceted vetting process designed to sift through potential candidates. This process includes comprehensive interviews and technical assessments, ensuring that only the most qualified professionals make it through the selection process.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Toptal goes the extra mile by delivering a personalized matching service tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

  • Flexibility: Toptal offers flexibility in hiring arrangements, accommodating the unique needs of organisations. Whether an organization requires part-time, full-time, or hourly commitments from their hires, Toptal’s adaptable hiring model allows them to secure the talent they need.
Supersourcing website

Supersourcing stands out as one of the contenders for Flexiple alternatives. It offers a seamless solution for companies seeking to expand their workforce with top-tier software developers on a rapid scale.

From 2 to 200 individuals, they can help ramp up your team in a matter of days. Developers and engineers only become a part of the talent pool once their capabilities have been rigorously vetted on renowned platforms like HackerEarth and Mettl. 

Furthermore, Supersourcing manages the critical administrative tasks of onboarding, tax management, compliance adherence, invoicing, and meticulous timesheet tracking. This allows organisations and the HRs to focus on other important tasks.


  • Diverse Talent Pool for Software Development

Supersourcing boasts an extensive roster of software development experts, including full-stack developers, tech specialists, UX/UI designers, blockchain aficionados, mobile app developers, and database architects. This diverse talent pool empowers businesses to cherry-pick freelancers with niche expertise tailored to their projects.

  • Stringent Freelancer Vetting

At Supersourcing, a rigorous vetting process reigns supreme. They meticulously screen freelancers to ensure that only the crème de la crème are available for hire. 

  • Global Reach, Local Impact

Supersourcing transcends geographical boundaries, allowing businesses to tap into a worldwide talent reservoir. Spanning various time zones and countries, this global outreach fuels 24/7 productivity and expedites project completion. 

  • Smart Matchmaking through Algorithms

Supersourcing’s sophisticated algorithm-driven matching system aligns freelancers’ skills with employers’ project requirements.

  • Complete Freelancer Profiles for Informed Decisions

Transparency is a cornerstone of Supersourcing’s approach. Employers gain full access to freelancer profiles, which encompass comprehensive details such as work history, portfolios, client reviews, and technical proficiencies. 



Turing.com is one of the biggest players in the realm of a modern gig economy, carving out a niche in the vast market of freelance software developers. They bridge the gap and connect coding geniuses and experts with global businesses.

It is one of the top Flexiple alternatives and has AI-driven matchmaking coupled with collaboration tools and effective security measures. This ensures that they not only connect freelance talent but also provide a safe and streamlined hiring process.

They have completely redefined remote work.


  • Talent Pool: Turing.com maintains a thoroughly vetted and highly skilled group of software developers who possess exceptional technical proficiency, effective communication abilities, and a strong work ethic. This ensures that businesses have access to the most qualified developers available.

  • AI-Powered Matching: Turing employs advanced AI algorithms that take into account factors such as industry experience, programming languages, project complexity, and relevant expertise to create the best possible matches between freelancers and employers.

  • Efficient Hiring: In the fast-paced world of business, time equates to money. Turing.com acknowledges this and boasts a track record of completing the matching process between businesses and the ideal developer in less than 48 hours on average.

  • Risk-Free Trial Period: Turing.com provides a no-risk trial period, allowing businesses to evaluate a developer’s skills and compatibility before committing to a long-term partnership.

  • Developer Management: Turing.com takes care of all administrative aspects associated with collaborating with remote developers, including payroll, contract management, and performance monitoring.
Revelo Website 1

Based in Miami, Revelo stands out as an exceptional alternative to Flexiple, serving as a pivotal link between international enterprises and skilled software developers in Latin America.

What sets Revelo apart is its comprehensive range of features and advantages, rendering it a favored choice among businesses seeking a dependable and cost-efficient staffing solution.


  • Risk-Free Trial Period for Businesses: Beyond empowering candidates, Revelo offers businesses a risk-free trial period to evaluate potential employees, fostering a harmonious and productive working relationship.
  • End-to-End Talent Management and Staffing Solutions: Revelo is more than just a job-matching platform; it offers comprehensive talent management and staffing solutions, catering to the diverse needs of its clients.
  • Best-in-Class Employee Benefits for Developers: In its commitment to attracting top talent, Revelo extends best-in-class employee benefits to developers, enhancing their job satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Smart Job Matching Powered by AI and ML: Leveraging cutting-edge AI and ML technologies, Revelo intelligently connects employers with freelancers, ensuring the perfect alignment of candidate profiles with job requirements.
  • Advanced Analytics for Informed Hiring Strategies: Revelo provides in-depth analytics and insights to assist businesses in evaluating the effectiveness of their hiring strategies, enabling continuous improvement and optimization.
Clouddevs Website

CloudDevs as Flexiple alternative, bridging the gap between global businesses and remote developers in Latin America and Europe. Their unique offering lies in their rigorous five-stage screening process, which guarantees access to the top 5% of engineering talent within a swift 24- to 48-hour timeframe. This makes CloudDevs an ideal choice for organisations seeking cost-effective developers, engineers, and IT experts.


  • Tech-Centric Talent Pool: CloudDevs boasts a highly specialized talent pool focused on technology. This unique resource enables businesses to efficiently hire a wide range of skilled professionals, including developers, engineers, designers, and IT experts with niche-specific expertise. 
  • Global Remote Work Advantages: One of CloudDevs’ standout features is its ability to connect businesses with remote tech talent from all corners of the world. This global approach offers numerous advantages, such as access to a diverse pool of professionals across different countries and time zones and round-the-clock productivity.
  • Rigorous Vetting and Screening Process: CloudDevs has a five-stage vetting process to ensure that organizations can access only the best candidates. This thorough screening covers not only technical skills but also English proficiency. Employers are provided with detailed profiles of potential hires, including work history, client feedback, portfolio, and a breakdown of their technical skills. 
  • Flexible Work Models: CloudDevs offers flexible work models. Employers can choose between fixed or hourly contracts based on the nature of their projects and preferred payment structures. Additionally, the platform offers a one-week free trial period to clients, allowing them to assess the suitability of the selected talent before committing to a long-term engagement. 
  • Project Management and Milestone-Based Payment: CloudDevs simplifies project management and payment processes by implementing milestone-based payments. This approach allows employers to release funds upon the successful completion of project milestones. 
Upwork Website

Upwork, a global freelance platform boasting a staggering 18 million freelancers encompassing diverse backgrounds and skill levels, stands as a formidable alternative to Flexiple. This platform facilitates the hiring of talent across a wide spectrum, ranging from freelance software developers to content writers, at hourly rates spanning from $15 to $100.

For businesses seeking remote developers, Upwork emerges as an excellent choice, with freelancers bidding for projects and businesses engaging in negotiations before finalizing collaborations. Despite the vast talent pool at Upwork’s disposal, the platform grapples with the challenge of pre-vetting its freelancers, a common hurdle for platforms of its scale.


  • Time Tracking and Invoicing Tools: Upwork equips businesses with essential time tracking, invoicing, and project management tools. These facilitate efficient management of freelancers, ensuring transparency and accountability in projects.

  • End-to-End Recruitment Support: Upwork offers a comprehensive recruitment process, from sourcing to hiring freelancers. This simplifies talent acquisition, saving businesses time and effort.

  • Real-Time Communication: The platform provides a real-time messaging system that fosters seamless communication between developers and clients. This instant interaction enhances collaboration and project progress.

  • Performance Evaluation and Talent Recommendations: Upwork’s detailed review and rating system enables businesses to gauge the competence of freelance software developers. It empowers informed decision-making in selecting the right talent for projects. Additionally, their advanced algorithms recommends suitable freelancers to employers, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring project success.

  • Diverse Global Talent Market: Upwork boasts a vast database of talent across various domains, from designers to developers. This diversity provides employers with an extensive pool of options to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit for their project requirements.

  • Freelancer Ratings and Profiles: Employers gain access to detailed freelancer profiles that showcase work history, skills, and client reviews. This transparency empowers employers to make well-informed decisions when selecting freelancers.

  • Payment Protection: Upwork’s Payment Protection policy guarantees secure payments to freelancers upon project completion. This reassures both parties involved in the transaction.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Upwork’s mobile app provides flexibility for both employers and freelancers. They can access the platform on-the-go, enhancing convenience and responsiveness.
Fiverr website

Fiverr stands as a prominent choice among freelancing platforms and a Flexiple alternative, offering a versatile array of freelancers for a wide range of tasks. Whether you require website design, logo creation, or a compelling voice-over, Fiverr has a freelancer ready to meet your specific needs.

The platform provides businesses the opportunity to hire freelancers starting at an affordable rate of just $5. Much like its counterparts, such as Upwork and Freelancer.com, Fiverr boasts an extensive pool of talent, showcasing diverse skills and expertise.

On Fiverr, freelancers have the option to bid on projects by submitting their proposals, or businesses can directly connect with freelancers. One unique aspect of Fiverr is its approach to talent acquisition; unlike some platforms, it refrains from rigorous resource vetting, enabling a more open and accessible marketplace for freelancers and clients alike.


  • Gig-Based Service: At the core of Fiverr’s offerings are its gig-based services. Freelancers can consolidate their expertise and present it as distinct gigs, each outlining a specific service along with a price tag. 
  • Diverse Service Categories: Fiverr boasts an extensive array of service categories. From graphic design and copywriting to programming and digital marketing, Fiverr offers something for everyone. 
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing: One of Fiverr’s key appeals is its budget-friendly pricing. Freelancers can start offering their services for as low as $5. This affordability opens up opportunities for small businesses and startups with limited budgets to access top-notch talent. 
  • Ratings and Reviews: Much like other freelancing platforms, Fiverr incorporates a comprehensive rating and review system. This system empowers employers to make informed decisions by providing insights into freelancers’ past performance. 
  • Seamless Communication: Effective communication is the lifeblood of successful collaborations, and Fiverr recognizes this. The platform offers a robust messaging system that facilitates real-time communication between employers and freelancers. 
  • Continuous Support: Fiverr goes the extra mile by offering continuous support to both freelancers and employers. This 24/7 support team ensures that users have a resource to turn to in case of any issues or questions. 

Additionally, they also have a mobile app which helps in easy coordination and management of projects.

To choose the best Turing alternative for hiring remote developers, consider factors such as the platform’s reputation, the size of the talent pool, the hiring process, the cost, and the level of support provided.

PlatformFeaturesVetting ProcessCost Model
Ellow- Four-stage Human + AI vetting process- Over 80 data points to test developer skills to filter out the top 3% Hourly / Monthly contract based on projects
Toptal- Multi-stage vetting process- Only top 3% of applicants acceptedHourly, part-time, or full-time engagements
Supersourcing- AI-powered deep-vetting process- Verification through Mettl and HackerEarthProject-based hiring
Flexiple- Handpicked talent, invitation-only network- Depth in past work, technical test, and live interviewTime-based compensation model
Revelo- End-to-end talent management and staffing solutions- Technical and soft skills vettingHourly, part-time, or full-time engagements
CloudDevs- Top 5% of remote developers from Latin America and Europe- Five-stage screening processFull-time and part-time hiring options
UpWork- Time tracking, invoicing, and project management tools- Freelancers place bids for jobs, negotiation requiredHourly or fixed-pricing contract options
Fiverr- Multiple tools for managing and tracking developers- Freelancers can bid on projects or be directly reachedHourly or fixed-pricing contract options
  1. If a business needs a platform with a rigorous vetting process to ensure high-quality talent, they might choose Toptal or Ellow, which utilize a four-stage Human + AI vetting process.

  2. If a business needs a platform that specializes in remote developers from Latin America and Europe, they might choose CloudDevs, which outsources top 5% of developers from those regions.

  3. If a business needs a platform with an invitation-only network of handpicked talent, they might choose Flexiple, which ensures that only the most talented professionals and experts are part of their network.

  4. If a business needs a platform with a fast and AI-powered vetting process, they might choose Supersourcing and Ellow, which uses its proprietary AI-powered deep-vetting process to verify candidates’ skills and experience.

  5. If a business needs a platform with a user-friendly interface and a fast turnaround time for finding remote developers, they might choose Ellow, which ensures to provide businesses with the top 3% of global talent in less than 48 hours.

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Abhishek Ghosh

Experienced B2B Content Marketer, Writer, Editor, and Strategist. He is from an engineering background who now loves to play around with words. He is an SEO and a social media enthusiast.
Picture of Abhishek Ghosh

Abhishek Ghosh

Experienced B2B Content Marketer, Writer, Editor, and Strategist. He is from an engineering background who now loves to play around with words. He is an SEO and a social media enthusiast.