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Hire within days yet focused on High Quality

Technical teams have ambitious go-to market plans. Finding the right remote talent from freelancers to full-time employees, takes time and effort. For every new hire, a company screens over 10 candidates and invests up to 3 to 6 weeks in the process. That’s where ellow comes in – helping our customers hire pre-vetted, ready-to-hire remote talent within days.

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Global Talent Pool

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Save time and money

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Resources you can TRUST

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Freelancer Legit
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ellow resources are trusted by leading Brands

Vetting process using both Machine & Human Intelligence

Smart Vetting

We have a 4 gate filtration process to screen resumes received. Our gates filter for technical fitment, communication, Programming challenge and human interview. Our AUTOMATED vetting process helps us VET at SCALE
Angular JS Developer
IOS Developer
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Find the right home for each resource

Smart Matching

Our smart matching algorithm uses advanced AI/ML techniques finds the right solutions providers for your needs based on over 80 parameters across the solution provider and the candidate This is a unique problem in services as the same quality resource may be a match for one company but not for another. We address this
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Provider & Buyer Tools

Tools that make your teams more productive

Our platform will provide various tools for our hirers and freelancers for productivity, invoicing, contracting & resource management.

Service providers & freelancers can be retained .

Deep understanding of Tools like Resource management, Billing & Invoicing etc for Providers

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