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Sarah Mitchel - Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Sarah Mitchell

Part-time CTO

Sarah Mitchell is a seasoned technology executive with over 15 years of experience in software development and cloud architecture. She has a strong background in building scalable and secure platforms, having previously served as a CTO for a leading e-commerce company. 

Kevin Wong - Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Kevin Wong

Part-time CTO​

Kevin Wong is a versatile CTO with a diverse background in technology and innovation. With a solid foundation in AI and machine learning, Kevin has successfully implemented cutting-edge solutions for multiple startups, driving their growth and competitiveness. He has expertise in data analytics and building scalable infrastructure.

Anna Petrov Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Anna Petrov

Part-time CTO​

Anna Petrov is a visionary leader in the technology space, renowned for her expertise in digital transformation and product development. With a track record of spearheading successful tech initiatives for global enterprises, Anna brings a wealth of experience . Her strategic mindset and focus on user-centric design ensure that the platform stays ahead of industry trends.

Marcus Johnson - Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Marcus Johnson

Part-time CTO

Marcus Johnson is a seasoned CTO with a strong background in cybersecurity and information technology. His expertise in cloud computing and IT governance ensures that the platform remains secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.

Emily Chen Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Emily Chen

Part-time CTO

Emily Chen is a dynamic CTO with a passion for innovation and emerging technologies. With a background in software engineering and product management, Emily has led successful digital transformation initiatives for various startups and mid-sized companies.

Javier Rodriguez - Hire Interim CTO on ellow
Javier Rodriguez

Part-time CTO

Javier Rodriguez is a seasoned technology executive with a strong background in infrastructure and operations. Having held key leadership roles in multinational corporations, Javier brings a wealth of experience in scaling technology platforms and optimizing operational efficiency. He has expertise in cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.

Why business choose ellow

ellow connects businesses with the top 3% of developers using an AI + human-based system for hiring and managing talent, ensuring quality through a rigorous vetting process. With a diverse talent pool, ellow serves various industries, helping companies to scale and stay competitive.

Smart sourcing

24 - 48 hours

We have a hub of reliable and qualified software developers that perfectly meets your project demands.

Time Saved

100+ hours

We did not replace human intervention with machines; we just made better use of automation in the hiring process.

Global Talent

25000+ talents

Expand your hiring possibilities by accessing a diverse talent pool from around the world.

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Our happy customers keep coming back.

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“Getting early stage talent for a blockchain startup is very challenging. ellow helped us find talented developers in a matter of a few days. They have somehow hacked the talent problem for startups.”

Vivek Prasannan,
Exicutive Director
Polkadex Crypo Exchange
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“ellow helped us build a global and distributed team by helping us hire full-time developers from India. They helped us to discover, interview and onboard the developers within a few days. They are entirely managing our talent pool from India.”

Venu Gopalakrishnan,
Litmus 7
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“With ellow, we are able to find talented developers in a matter of days. The quality of talent they supply is extremely good. We were able to onboard developers immediately and ramp up teams quickly.”

Deepu Zakaria,
President - India Operations
RCG Global Services

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Why to hire an interim or part-time CTO?

Cost Effective

Hiring a full-time CTO is expensive for small and medium-size businesses. A part-time CTO offers businesses technical expertise without creating financial burden.


A part-time CTO provides flexibility to businesses where needs and priorities change continuously. They can be engaged or involved when needed to guide the team or manage the workload.

Strategic Guidance

An interim CTO helps startup and small-scale businesses by sharing their expertise on product development, roadmaps, and market trends. Their experience gives strategic direction to the organisation.

Network and Connection

Experienced part-time or interim CTOs have their own connection and network across industries. They often leverage this to benefit the business by establishing valuable partnerships.


An interim or part-time CTO acts as a mentor and helps the technical team develop their existing skills, stay updated with industry trends, and adopt industry best practises.

Unbiased Input

The interim or part-time CTO’s decision-making is objective and not influenced by internal factors of the organisation. They provide unbiased recommendations and insights for the organisation.

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Frequently asked questions

A part-time or interim CTO (Chief Technology) is a person who fulfills the role of a CTO on an interim or part-time basis. 

They give direction to the technical team, and help lay down the strategy and product roadmap.

For startups who are looking for a cost-effective way or enterprises who are having a leadership transition, for them interim CTO is the best solution.

Ellow’s Human + AI vetting process simplifies the search for the perfect CTO, saving you time and money. Browse through our curated list of professionals, review their profiles, and select the ideal candidate who aligns with your project requirements.

At Ellow, we vet developers from 100s of profiles and select only the top 3% through a rigorous four-stage vetting process that evaluates more than 80 data points. We ensure that you interview only the best candidates.

Absolutely! At Ellow, we understand the importance of speed in hiring top-notch developers. With our extensive talent pool and efficient vetting process, we can connect you with qualified part-time or interim CTOs within 48 hours or less.

Our rigorous four-stage vetting process goes beyond the surface, evaluating over 80 data points to ensure we handpick the best candidates for you. Say goodbye to sifting through countless resumes and conducting lengthy interviews. With Ellow, you can trust that you’ll be connecting with the very best candidates, ready to make a significant impact on your projects.

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