Case study: How Helped a Leading Firm Recruit 20+ Full-Stack Developers in Just Three Weeks!

About the client

The client is a student success hub owned by a US based Fortune 1000 firm. It is a leading global subscription service where students can get textbooks and expert advice to help with homework questions.

In 2022, the client wanted to scale rapidly on its digital product offerings. This required them to expand their tech team fast by hiring full-stack developers who could take ownership of projects and get them to the finish line while hitting the deadlines.

Long Recruitment Process Was Costing Time & Money

Client was clear with its requirements — it wanted full-stack developers with 5-8 years of experience, exceptional technical skills and ability to take full ownership for delivery.

The challenge was to fill in these positions without wasting time in lengthy recruitment processes.

For each candidate, hiring managers spent 2-3 hours interviewing one person and assessing their skills. For each position, they were interviewing 4-5 candidates every week. Furthermore, the candidate-driven market meant that the talent they wanted to hire would sometimes not show up on the day of joining, making the recruitment team go back to square one and repeat all their efforts.

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Traditional recruitment processes using tools like Naukri and LinkedIn outreach were taking a lot of time. There was more noise than the signal on these platforms. Candidates were either not looking actively or not up to the mark for the client, as the standards set by the team were really high.

It was distracting the hiring managers and engineering teams from making actual progress on projects.

They needed ready-to-onboard full-stack developers with the knowledge of Node.js and ReactJS to fast-track their projects. That’s when they contacted ellow.

How ellow Helped Add 20+ Full-Stack Developers With 5-8 Years of Experience to Their Team

Once we gathered the requirements from the client, we started matching the requirements with our vetted pool of 10,000+ candidates. We filtered candidates who matched the client’s criteria and then filtered further to select only the ones who were actively looking to work on full-stack development projects.

80% match of role and candidate

Ellow’s success rate was close to 80% — meaning, out of all the people we matched to client’s requirements, they ended up working with close to 80% of them.

How did ellow do it? It’s because of three reasons:

  • Ellow has a large vetted pool of highly skilled developers.
  • Ellow matches the availability of the developers along with their skill level, so the conversations were only with candidates who are actively looking for a role.
  • Rigorous vetting process, the client’s team saved valuable time that would have otherwise been spent conducting coding tests and analyzing results. 

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Ellow’s assistance in interviews

Ellow’s team further assisted the client team in conducting interviews. With extra help, the client could make the interview process smooth for candidates as well as project managers who would work with the candidates in the future.

Compliance worries when hiring global talent? Ellow handled it.

The client didn’t have to worry about compliance issues while working with people spread across multiple locations since ellow took care of the payroll and employee management.

Pool for full-time hiring; available on-demand

The full stack developers that ellow helped client get in touch with will be available for hire if ever client decides to go from having as freelancers to full-time employees. We created a team for them that they can scale up or down depending on projects.

And when it’s time to scale the team, they won’t have to go candidate-hunting in the market. The right candidates can be picked from the full-stack developers ellow gave them.

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Words from the client

Ellow’s role in helping the client recruit so quickly was applauded by the team at headquarters.

Getting such skilled full-stack developers in a candidate-driven market was seeming impossible. But thanks to, we were not only able to find the talent we needed, but we could do so in just 3-4 weeks! That’s unheard of in the tech space. We look forward to more collaborations with them

The Result

Before ellow, the client’s team took 3-4 months to on-board developers using the traditional processes. Working with ellow, they could add 20+ full-stack developers to their team within 3 weeks. 

It saved the hiring manager’s time, and the engineering team was able to focus on actual projects & vision for the products rather than worry about who will be able to help them execute all the ideas they had. That gave the tech teams a massive boost to fast-track their projects.

This also boosted the morale of their team, and they were finally making the progress they had been looking forward to for weeks and months. 

How can you expand the tech team fast?

Looking to expand your developer team quickly and efficiently with highly skilled tech talent from around the world? Ellow has a large pool of vetted candidates, and we use our expertise to match them with your specific requirements.

With a rigorous vetting process, we save you valuable time and ensure that you only interact with active candidates who meet your criteria.

Plus, we provide additional assistance with the interview process and handle compliance issues, so you don’t have to. Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you scale your team.