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Kavita Sharma
Kavita Sharma

App Developer

An adept user of Flutter for cross-platform solutions, Kavita’s skill set is anchored in developing fintech apps that emphasize optimized user interfaces and responsive design. Her proficiency ensures seamless navigation, intuitive design, and high performance, highlighting a deep understanding of both frontend and backend intricacies.

Abhishek Desai
Abhishek Desai

App Developer

Specializing in Android development, he’s strengths lie in his mastery of Kotlin. His expertise covers the creation of scalable e-commerce apps, emphasizing fluid user experiences and secure transactions. With a foundation in robust coding practices, he ensures stability, speed, and seamless integrations in every application.

Lucas Barros
Lucas Barros

App Developer

Distinguished in iOS development, Lucas’s skills shine brightest in his Swift-based applications. His competence in integrating augmented reality into apps is unparalleled, leading to immersive user experiences. Additionally, his grasp on memory management and interface building tools adds depth to his portfolio.

Ifeoma Okorie
Ifeoma Okorie

App Developer

Rooted deeply in React Native, Ifeoma’s capabilities span from creating dynamic UI components to optimizing app performance. Her focus on social networking apps emphasizes real-time data handling, push notifications, and integration of third-party APIs, ensuring interactive and engaging applications.


Elena Petrova
Elena Petrova

App Developer

Elena’s Android development skills, honed through Java, stand out in crafting apps for the healthcare sector. Her understanding of data encryption, secure authentication methods, and API integrations ensures the development of apps that prioritize user security and data privacy.


Min-ji Kim
Min-ji Kim

App Developer

A frontrunner in progressive web app development, Min-ji’s proficiency with Angular is evident. Her skills encompass service worker implementation for offline functionality, optimizing load times, and creating responsive designs. Her understanding of both client-side and server-side scripting ensures well-rounded, high-performance applications.

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Customer Success Stories

Why to hire Node.js developers from Ellow?

Expert Backend Development

Our Node.js developers excel at building robust server-side components for your web applications, including data storage management and user authentication.

API Design and Construction

Hire Node.js developers from us for designing and building efficient RESTful and GraphQL APIs, tailored to your project requirements.

Seamless Front-end Integration

Our Node.js experts collaborate with front-end developers for flawless integration of user-facing elements with server-side logic.

Skilled Data Persistence Management

Our Node.js developers are proficient in designing and implementing databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.


Comprehensive Security and Data Protection

We prioritize your application’s security with measures like encryption, data validation/sanitization, and protection against common web vulnerabilities.


Performance Optimization

Our Node.js developers are adept at optimizing applications to handle high traffic volumes, managing memory leaks, and employing load balancing techniques.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Hire our Node.js developers for diligent code maintenance, bug fixes, and efficient troubleshooting to ensure smooth application operation.

Rigorous Testing and Debugging

We provide comprehensive testing services, including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests, using advanced debugging tools to ensure high-quality code.

Up-to-Date Expertise

Our Node.js developers constantly update their knowledge of the latest tools, libraries, and best practices in the rapidly evolving Node.js ecosystem.

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Frequently asked questions

An app developer is a professional who designs, creates, tests, and maintains software applications for computers and mobile devices. These individuals possess specialized knowledge in programming languages like Java, Swift, and JavaScript, and utilize various development tools and frameworks to bring their application concepts to life.

They often work closely with other team members, including graphic designers, user experience experts, and product managers, to ensure the final product meets user needs and expectations. With the surge in smartphone usage, many app developers focus on mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, but they also create applications for web browsers, desktops, and other digital platforms.

As an App developer, one should possess the below skills:

  1. Programming Languages: Knowledge in languages relevant to the platform. For instance, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java or Kotlin for Android, JavaScript for web apps, etc.

  2. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Familiarity with tools like Xcode for iOS development or Android Studio for Android development.

  3. Front-end Development: Skills in creating user interfaces, understanding user experience principles, and working with design tools.

  4. Back-end Development: Knowledge in server-side programming, databases, and APIs.

  5. Frameworks & Libraries: Using and understanding frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, etc., can be crucial, depending on the project.

  6. Version Control/Git: Ability to manage versions of code, collaborate with other developers, and use platforms like GitHub or Bitbucket.

  7. APIs: Knowing how to integrate third-party services using APIs.

  8. Databases: Understanding both relational (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational databases (e.g., MongoDB).

  9. Testing & Debugging: Ability to write tests and debug code to ensure application stability.

Ellow’s Human + AI vetting process simplifies the search for the perfect App developers, saving you time and effort. Browse through our curated list of professionals, review their profiles, and select the ideal candidate who aligns with your project requirements.

At Ellow, we vet developers from 100s of profiles and select only the top 3% through a rigorous four-stage vetting process that evaluates more than 80 data points. We ensure that you interview only the best candidates.

Absolutely! At Ellow, we understand the importance of speed in hiring top-notch developers. With our extensive talent pool and efficient vetting process, we can connect you with qualified App developers within 48 hours or less.

Our rigorous four-stage vetting process goes beyond the surface, evaluating over 80 data points to ensure we handpick the best candidates for you. Say goodbye to sifting through countless resumes and conducting lengthy interviews. With Ellow, you can trust that you’ll be connecting with the very best candidates, ready to make a significant impact on your projects.

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