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Hire vetted remote software developers with strong technical and communication skills on a full-time or hourly contract in less than 48 hours, ready to work in your timezone.

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Hire within days yet focused on High Quality

  • Global Talent Pool
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Getting early stage talent for a BlockChain startup is verychallenging. With ellow.io, we are able to find talented developers ina matter of a few days. ellow somehow hacked the talent problem forstartups. Looking forward to work with them”

Vivek Prasannan

Executive Director

Vetting process

Our vetting process differentiates us from other providers out there.

Each applicant has to go through our four-stage screening, which assesses soft-skills, technical fit, programming skills, and in-person interview.

The entire process takes about 8 to 10 hours, spread over a few days.

  1. Resume & soft-skills screening
  2. Technical skill review
  3. Coding & Algorithm challenge
  4. In-person interview

step 01

Resume & soft-skills screening

step 02Technical skill review

step 03Coding & Algorithm challenge

step 04In-person interview