Polkadex Hires 9 Developers in Just 1 Week with Ellow.io

Polkadex Hires 9 Developers in Just 1 Week with Ellow.io

About Polkadex

Polkadex is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer order book-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Polkadex aims to become the most convenient platform to buy, store and trade crypto assets to set people all over the world free financially. Such missions & grand visions required them to scale their technology team, fast and efficiently. That’s why they used the Ellow.io platform to hire nine developers within one week and got started on critical projects.

Struggles of Compliance & Hiring in a Candidate-driven Market

Polkadex was struggling to hire developers for their team. The team was under-pressure, projects were not moving, and hiring managers were overworked. They hired a consultancy, tried LinkedIn outreach & even provided incentives to recruiters to source good talent but the process was taking a lot of time and effort.

The candidate-driven market meant that the talent they wanted to hire was not ready to relocate and compliance issues with hiring remote teams were not feasible for an early-stage startup that has growth, development, and culture to focus on. The shortage of talent that knows  RUST programming and React.js were making things difficult for everyone.

They needed ready-to-onboard candidates to fast track their projects & save the hassle of compliance.

How Ellow Helped Polkadex

Once Ellow gathered the requirements from Polkadex, it was able to match 16 developers with those exact skill-sets. It provided access to a global pool of talent with a highly specialized skill they needed i.e. Blockchain.

Ellow’s customer service team further assisted the Polkadex team to set up interviews. Since all the candidates matched by ellow were vetted through a rigorous vetting process, the Polkadex team only had to check for cultural fit. All the candidates have a thorough background verification so that the tech clients having sensitive information could hire them without any security concerns. 

Long interview cycles were ditched. The candidate also had a great experience of not going back-and-forth with interviews and didn’t churn from the process. 

Once hired, the overseas payments were not a problem as Ellow takes care of that. The Polkadex team didn’t have to set up any entity, subsidiary, or anything to pay the developers on time.

“Getting early stage talent for a BlockChain startup is very challenging. With ellow.io, we are able to find talented developers in a matter of a few days. ellow somehow hacked the talent problem for startups. Looking forward to work with them” ~ Vivek Prasannan, Executive Director

Polkadex Crypto Exchange

The Result

As a result of hiring the right talent fast, and efficiently they not only saved the time of hiring managers, recruiters, and the team, but they were also able to accelerate their product development efforts. This boosted the morale of their team and they were finally making the progress they were looking forward to for weeks and months.

Polkadex was able to hire 9 developers with skill sets including RUST programming which are very hard to find, within 1 week of getting in touch with the Ellow team. That’s faster than referrals, conducting hackathons, or even internal hiring!

How can you hire like Polkadex?

If you want to scale your developer team with global talent without wasting time or getting into the nitty-gritty of compliance issues, talk to us at Ellow sales@ellow.io

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