Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

Our experience in building and deploying cutting-edge ML has taught us to help people transfer their skills from other areas into core-ML; so long as you are focussed, self-driven, and committed to a career in ML&AI in any capacity (Engineer, Practitioner, or Researcher), we may be looking for you.

Job Description:
We are in the process of building a world-class team focused on Machine Learning & Data Science and have an established track record of innovation and delivery at the very frontiers of NLU. We build high-end technology that fulfills Bartleby’s mission to help students learn and write better. We have a talented, multi-disciplinary team of ML Practitioners, Data Scientists, and Engineers and are looking to expand in each of these areas. While we can customize the precise role and designation for the ideal candidate, here is a summary of the kind of work you will be tasked with:

Machine Learning
a. Build an ongoing understanding of current state-of-the-art NLU architectures, methods, and processes, and innovate networks that create actionable intelligence from text.
b. Understand different media types (images, audio, video, etc.) and build networks that extract information and meaning from these media.
c. Create networks that curate (and/or generate) media (text today, everything else tomorrow). Understand the problems that go into building these networks and innovate
solutions to mitigate these problems.
d. Understand patterns in time-series (and other) data, and create networks that evolve as these patterns do, using SOTA reinforcement learning techniques, Bayesian networks, and other methods.
e. Minimum 5 years of experience in ML is a Must.

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Skills: ML
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: remote

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